SuperPro Fixed Offset Upper Control Arm Kits

SuperPro Fixed Offset Upper Control Arm Kits

Upgrade Your Vehicle with Precision Engineered Control

Redefine your vehicle's handling and stability. Our Fixed Offset Upper Control Arms (UCAs) are specifically crafted for vehicles lifted 2 inches to 4 inches over stock, offering unparalleled control and improved suspension geometry.


SuperPro Fixed Offset Upper Control Arms


Key Features of our Fixed Offset Upper Control Arm Kits:

  • Ideal Alignment for Lifted Vehicles: At a 3 inch lift, expect -0.5° camber and +4.0° caster in harmony with OEM lower control arms.
  • Uprated Ball Joints & SuperPro Bushes: Minimize arm movement, ensuring responsive steering and durable performance.
  • Maintenance-Free Bushings: SuperPro's signature bushings provide lasting quality without the need for regular upkeep.
  • High-Articulation Ball Joints: Enhanced for superior movement and durability, tackling challenging overlanding tracks and smooth highways with equal prowess.
  • Road and Trail Ready: Whether it's your daily commute or an adventurous trail, experience superior handling throughout.
  • Australian Design & Expertise: Built on nearly five decades of SuperPro's industry-leading suspension knowledge.
  • Ideal for Off-Road and Overlanding Enthusiasts PLUS Daily Drivers!
  • Our kits are perfect for those who demand both off-road capability and on-road comfort. Whether you're navigating rough terrain or cruising on the highway, these UCAs provide the stability and control you need.
  • Warranty: We stand by our quality! SuperPro Fixed Offset UCAs come with a 3 Year Warranty, ensuring peace of mind and reliable performance.

    SuperPro Fixed Offset Upper Control Arms


    Upgrade Your Vehicle Today!

    Don't compromise on handling, upgrade to SuperPro's Fixed Offset Upper Control Arms and experience the difference. Perfect for lifted vehicles, these arms bring precision back to your front-end alignment and suspension geometry.


    Our Ever-Expanding Range of Fixed Offset Upper Control Arm Kits Includes:

    TRC6640 TA317 RAM 1500 DT 2019+

    TRC6645 TA322 RAM 1500 DS 09+

    TRC6670 TA318 Ford F150 04-20

    TRC6700 TA312 Ford Bronco 2021+

    TRC6675 TA319 Ford F150 21+ (coming soon)

    TRC6690 TA311 GWM Cannon (coming soon)

    TRC6740 TA339 Toyota Tundra 2022+ (coming soon)