Rear Adjustable Toe Arm Kit

Rear Adjustable Toe Arm Kit

TYPE: Control Arm

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SuperPro control arms are an easy to install replacement/upgrade suspension part. Fixing many of the downfalls and issues associated with OE and other aftermarket control arms.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Enhances your vehicles handling and performance
  • Upgraded arm design, construction, material and bushings
  • Comes with pre-installed Hybrid SuperPro bushings
  • Designed as an easy direct replacement and upgrade part
  • Designed, tested and engineered in Australia

These arms are perfectly suited as a standard replacement and upgrade from factory arms. SuperPro through design ensures the elimination of undesirable arm movement to maintain better steering geometry and alignment in all driving conditions.

SuperPro control arms are built to meet the high-quality requirements set by SuperPro's Q&A team; designed to outperform both competitor and OE products. Following our business motto "Engineered to Outperform", SuperPro exceeds many design expectations and has been certified as such.

Warranty: 3 Year / 60,000Kms


Rear Adjustable Toe Arm Kit works with the following vehicles.

  • 2016-Honda-Civic-EX
  • 2016-Honda-Civic-EX-L
  • 2016-Honda-Civic-EX-T
  • 2016-Honda-Civic-LX
  • 2016-Honda-Civic-LX-P
  • 2016-Honda-Civic-Touring
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-EX
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-EX-L
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-EX-T
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-LX
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-LX-P
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-Si
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-Sport
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-Touring
  • 2017-Honda-Civic-Type R
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-EX
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-EX-L
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-EX-T
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-LX
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-LX-P
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-Si
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-Sport
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-Sport Touring
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-Touring
  • 2018-Honda-Civic-Type R
  • 2019-Honda-Civic-EX
  • 2019-Honda-Civic-EX-L
  • 2019-Honda-Civic-LX
  • 2019-Honda-Civic-Si
  • 2019-Honda-Civic-Sport
  • 2019-Honda-Civic-Sport Touring
  • 2019-Honda-Civic-Touring
  • 2019-Honda-Civic-Type R
  • 2020-Honda-Civic-EX
  • 2020-Honda-Civic-EX-L
  • 2020-Honda-Civic-LX
  • 2020-Honda-Civic-Si
  • 2020-Honda-Civic-Sport
  • 2020-Honda-Civic-Sport Touring
  • 2020-Honda-Civic-Touring
  • 2020-Honda-Civic-Type R
  • 2021-Honda-Civic-Type R Limited Edition