Gearbox Mount Insert Bush Kit
Gearbox Mount Insert Bush Kit
Gearbox Mount Insert Bush Kit
Gearbox Mount Insert Bush Kit

Gearbox Mount Insert Bush Kit

TYPE: Suspension Kit

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SuperPro Bushings are the perfect suspension upgrade or replacement solution!

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Enhances your vehicles handling and performance
  • Unaffected by extreme temperatures, oils, water or coolant
  • A superior alternative to rubber: providing higher quality, quieter, longer lasting bushings
  • Made with SuperPro's proprietary engineering-grade polyurethane formula
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia

Upgrade your car with SuperPro for enhanced performance, better alignment and increased service life.

SuperPro is the leading aftermarket suspension bushing manufacturer with 40+ years of experience. SuperPro has a competitive edge over all aftermarket bushing brands with our products being developed, tested and designed in Australia, ensuring greater quality during the manufacturing and engineering process with the ability to develop advanced bushing designs. SuperPro bushings offer greater quality and reliability through their unique materials, made from a proprietary polyurethane mix which has been thoroughly tested and refined over 40+ years to suit Australia’s harsh conditions. Our innovative bushings have been produced with the input of highly skilled suspension technicia(more...)


Gearbox Mount Insert Bush Kit works with the following vehicles.

  • 2002-Mini-Cooper-Base
  • 2002-Mini-Cooper-Luxury
  • 2002-Mini-Cooper-S
  • 2002-Mini-Cooper-Sport
  • 2003-Mini-Cooper-Base
  • 2003-Mini-Cooper-Chili
  • 2003-Mini-Cooper-Pepper
  • 2003-Mini-Cooper-S
  • 2003-Mini-Cooper-S Chili
  • 2003-Mini-Cooper-S Hot Chili
  • 2003-Mini-Cooper-S Salt
  • 2003-Mini-Cooper-Salt
  • 2004-Mini-Cooper-Base
  • 2004-Mini-Cooper-Chili
  • 2004-Mini-Cooper-Pepper
  • 2004-Mini-Cooper-S
  • 2004-Mini-Cooper-S Chili
  • 2004-Mini-Cooper-S Hot Chili
  • 2004-Mini-Cooper-S Salt
  • 2004-Mini-Cooper-Salt
  • 2005-Mini-Cooper-Base
  • 2005-Mini-Cooper-Chili
  • 2005-Mini-Cooper-Pepper
  • 2005-Mini-Cooper-S
  • 2005-Mini-Cooper-S Chili
  • 2005-Mini-Cooper-S Hot Chili
  • 2005-Mini-Cooper-S Salt
  • 2005-Mini-Cooper-Salt
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-Base
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-Checkmate
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-Chili
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-Park Lane
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-Pepper
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-S
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-S Checkmate
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-S Chili
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-S Hot Chili
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-S Park Lane
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-S Salt
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-Salt
  • 2006-Mini-Cooper-Seven