Rear 16mm Heavy Duty 3 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar MX-5 NC

Rear 16mm Heavy Duty 3 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar MX-5 NC

TYPE: Sway Bar Stabiliser Kit

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SKU: RC0049RZ-16

If you are looking for increased cornering capabilities with decreased body roll, Roll Control sway bars are the answer!

By being adjustable the Sway bar rates can be increased between 30-50% over OE sway bars by simply changing the end link position on the sway bar.
Warranty: 3 Year / 60,000Kms


Rear 16mm Heavy Duty 3 Position Blade Adjustable Sway Bar MX-5 NC works with the following vehicles.

  • 2006-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Base
  • 2006-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Club Spec
  • 2006-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2006-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2006-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Touring
  • 2007-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2007-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2007-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-SV
  • 2007-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Touring
  • 2008-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2008-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2008-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-SV
  • 2008-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Touring
  • 2009-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2009-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2009-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-SV
  • 2009-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Touring
  • 2010-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2010-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2010-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Touring
  • 2011-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2011-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Special Edition
  • 2011-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2011-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Touring
  • 2012-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2012-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Special Edition
  • 2012-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2012-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Touring
  • 2013-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Club
  • 2013-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2013-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2014-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Club
  • 2014-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2014-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport
  • 2015-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-25th Anniversary Edition
  • 2015-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Club
  • 2015-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Grand Touring
  • 2015-Mazda-MX-5 Miata-Sport